Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced player aiming to improve your skills, we offer a range of lesson types to cater to your specific needs.

Lesson Type Suggested For Length Price Description
Hotshots Group Lessons Ages 3-6 30 mins From $16.50 per lesson Using low compression balls and modified equipment, our youngest coaching group is fantastic fun, but also learning the key motor-skill development required not just for tennis but all sports.
Hotshots Group Lessons Ages 6-10 45 mins From $16.50 per lesson Students may have progressed from our younger Hot Shots groups or wanting to get started a little later, this age group is again fantastic for your child's development. This group is focused on progressing the child's skills to reach a level to start playing club competition if desired.
Court Coverage Group Lessons Ages 10+ 45 mins From $16.50 per lesson Using standard tennis balls, this lesson focuses on not only the technical side of tennis but also the tactical side of playing tennis competition.
Squad Lessons Competition Level Players Varied, starting from 60 mins Depends on length of lesson Our squads are specifically designed to enhance our students by improving each other in a squad environment. Students will mainly be hitting with each other and pushing each other to excel as each one wants to perform. The squads are much more of a tactical focus with a lot of technical elements to perform the complex tasks.
Private Lessons Any Age or Standard 30/45/60/90 mins From $40 per half hour All private lessons are as they sound; private. Private lessons are your own class essentially with one coach. The lesson is catered for the student(s) to accelerate the learning. By having a private lesson much more time can be spent on the complexities of tennis and add much more detail in the lesson. By having a coach there just for you, you can work together over time and map out your goals into the future.
Semi-Private Lessons Any Age or Standard 30/45/60/90 mins From $40 per half hour Similar to a Private Lesson, but done with another student of a similar standard, price is shared between students
Disability Training Any Age or Standard 30 mins $40 per lesson If you could benefit from motor skill development, coordination of movement, strengthening muscle groups and having fun? Tennis could be for you!
We have racquets, and can use lower compression balls etc to cater for your disability.
As we are training your body to function better NDIS may fund your training (Please contact your adviser to confirm)

Our coaching program is led by a team of highly qualified and experienced tennis coaches who are passionate about helping players of all levels improve their game. We prioritize individualized attention, skill development, and a positive learning environment.

Whether you are aiming to compete at a high level or simply looking to enjoy the sport, our tennis coaching will provide you with the guidance and support you need to excel on the court. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your tennis skills and take your game to new heights!

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